Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Does this hat make me look like a girl?"

This is one of the little hats I bought Gabriel a couple of weeks ago.

I think he looks completely adorable in it, but [stream-of-consciousness warning] I am also starting to think that this hat is technically a little "girl" hat that I willed to be a little boy hat because I wanted to buy him one and this was one of the only ones his size in the bin....

Your thoughts?

I betcha that 20-something years from now, Gabriel is going to look back on his old baby pictures and moan about how dorky all of his baby clothes were. Aside from the girly hat, he will probably take issue with the jean shorts/capris I have him in right now (otherwise known as "jorts" or "japris"). At which point I will agree with him that jorts and japris for men should not be socially acceptable in any period of history. Except on babies. :)


  1. Well...the hat might be a LITTLE girly. (If you decide to get rid of it, send it my way - it's SUPER cute! Lol!) In all seriousness though, if it's all they had in his size and you need to keep his little head out of the sunlight, then you're REALLY doing him a favor! :o)

  2. Hahaha :)
    At least I have something to keep the sun off him right now. I'd rather get "That's a little GIRL hat!" dirty looks from older women than "I can't BELIEVE she doesn't have a HAT for that poor baby!" dirty looks. :)


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