Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best date ever.

When we were in New Orleans for Christmas, Michael and I rented motor scooters from a shop on Magazine Street and spent an entire afternoon zooming around the city together. We also got to meet up with some old friends, Frances and Sean, which was a treat! :)

When we first started dating, one of our first real dates was when we rented a motor scooter in the French Quarter and Michael took me around the city. I remember thinking, "I think I might marry this guy." :)

My mouth hurt a little that night from laughing and smiling so much all day on the scooters. We had SUCH A GREAT TIME. You could fit two people on one scooter--and the Lord knows I am more than happy to be a passenger instead of a driver--but I knew Michael would have much more fun on his own bike, so I told him I'd ride my own. I was nervous, but I caught on very quickly and ended up having a blast. The scooters only went 40mph tops, and I couldn't believe it when I started wishing they were a little bit faster a few times. We went to the French Quarter, Uptown, Downtown, City Park, St. Charles, the lakefront, Metaire--you name it. (Isn't it amazing that you can go all of those places in New Orleans without having to go more than 40mph?)

When I first got on the bike and was pretty nervous about the whole thing, Michael said, "Baby, just own it" And you know what? That's what I did. :) Trust me, if I can operate one of those things, I think almost anyone can do it.
Oh, those lovebirds. 
Starbucks break near Audobon Park
Why so serious?
On "the Fly" (park near Tulane/Loyola) 

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