Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thoughts on my Valentine

I have been married for four years to my own valentine, my husband Michael. As I reflect on my marriage this Valentine's Day, I am in awe at the depth and number of ways I have grown--and at how much more I have to learn about love and marriage.

Marriage has been the making of me. Through four years-worth (so far) of the ever-promised "good times and bad," my heart and soul have changed and turned to God in ways I cannot measure or fully explain. I can't begin to imagine what the next four years--or thirty--will bring. It scares me and thrills me and fills my heart with peace all at the same time.

I read somewhere once that, "the closer to God we grow, the more fully ourselves we become." In  all my challenges and mountaintops as a wife and mother, I've tried my best to go to God. And I know I'm better for it. Michael makes me a better person without even trying to--it's the just the way God set things up.

God knows the woman, wife and mother He created me to be, and I hope and pray (and am even affirmed ever so often!) that I am slowly getting there.

Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful husband! Thank you for being you. For choosing me. For making me a better person. For saying 'I do' to our busy, joy-filled, never-boring, sometimes-exhausting life together. I love you. 
One of our engagement photos taken by our friend Conrad, Spring 2008

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