About Me

I am wife of seven years to Michael, who often makes me smile and sometimes makes me crazy and always is the man God had in mind for me. I call him the Humble Handyman, because he's always helping somebody build or fix something. He is a can-do kind of guy. 

I am blessed-but-oft-frazzled mother to Gabriel (5), Faith (3), and Gianna (2). Michael and I are also parents to one sweet soul already in Heaven: Kolbe

We are Catholic and lovin' it. Also, we really love being in Domestic Church. You should check it out.

I started Humble Handmaid in 2009. I was a new wife, new mother, and new Houstonian. Since then, God has blessed us with three beautiful babies, lots of adventures, and a few curve balls. We now live back home in beautiful Louisiana, where the food is amazing and the babysitters are plenty. 

Humble Handmaid is where I share my heart on faith, marriage and family. I want people to read any one of my posts and feel encouraged. So often we are encouraged just by knowing that we aren't the only one to have a hard time with something. 

In addition to blogging, I co-host regularly on a weekly Catholic radio showAnd because I am either crazy or crazy-cool (let's be honest--the former), I am set to launch a podcast, coming summer 2015. Stay tuned--it's gonna be kind of awesome.

Need prayers? Have a post or show guest idea? Have a book, service or product that you think me and my readers would love? Want to have me speak to your group? Feel free to email me or connect with me on Facebook

Want to make my day? Comments and emails pretty much always do the trick! Or you could stop by my house with a turtle Mochasippi, your sweet self, and some nice adult conversation. Either would be lovely.